Helping a customer I was creating a job running a procedure I created. Running the procedure in sql*plus was no problem, but when I scheduled it I got the following error

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Error when creating table

A colleague sent out a question he experienced an error when creating a table with a huge amount of columns. In the current version of the create it was 604 columns which he had reduced from the original 744 columns. You can see the create script here: table

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ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error using utl_file.put_line.

We are planning to move a qa database to new environment, we move from Enterprise edition to Standard Edition. We will use datapump to move data. I have created a script that extracts and write roles and role privileges to a text file.
When I run the script I get an error, this script has worked very well many times so I was a bit puzzled why I got the error. You can see the script here >> EXT_ROLE.

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Online redefinition of blob table

I have a customer who will start loading documents and pictures into an application. Discussing the impact I noticed that the column that should hold the documents are defined as basicfile. Basicfile is an older (< 11g) way to handle blobs. The new improved way is securefiles. Securefiles has a much improved way to handle blobs and some new features like compression and deduplication.

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Migrated rows

For one of our applications, in the test database we added a few columns to some tables. Discussing the impact with the developers I said that we might see migrated rows when adding columns. I have seen severe issues being caused by migrated rows after adding columns.
The developer asked if I could explain it in more details and also showing how to solve or prevent it. This is how I see it.

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